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Estonian Saunas OÜ

Estonia: Tondi 22-4, Tallinn.
Registry code: 12986006

VAT code: EE101870812


Create your own sauna in the UK

with the best of Estonian design and technology.

We're a British-Estonian family business, based in Tallinn and Harrogate, that delivers HUUM electric sauna heaters and wood-fired sauna stoves from Estonia to the UK. We also help connect our customers to sauna builders and electricians who can help them create their own sauna in the UK.

Estonia has thousands of years of sauna building heritage and is now increasingly being recognised around the world for its cutting edge technology, sleek Nordic design, and good value-for-money.

We're huge sauna enthusiasts ourselves and have created several saunas of our own using the best of Estonian design and technology, as well as being stakeholders in HUUM.

HUUM combines ancient sauna building principles with smart modern design. We believe stones should be the central design focus of any sauna, as they have been for thousands of years. This is not only more visually appealing, but also delivers a superior heat and steam from the larger number of exposed stones. On top of this, HUUM has integrated advanced technology, such as Wi-Fi connected control systems and several safety features, as well as a mobile app that is continuously under development. It means you can safely switch on your sauna when you leave the office and return home as it reaches the perfect temperature.

When not helping people build their own saunas, we explore weird and wonderful saunas across Estonia and beyond. We've been regularly featured in the media for this, including BBC News, Boston Globe, Business Insider, and an upcoming Netflix documentary. You can learn more about us here or you can follow our adventures exploring and exporting Estonian saunas through our blog or on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Our latest news & features:

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British soldiers join us for an Estonian smoke sauna

We gave a very warm welcome to British Army soldiers based in Estonia. Check out the full video in this article. 

Look inside the saunas of TransferWise

The successful British-Estonian fintech company (which helps us process payments for our own customers) has a HUUM sauna in their London office that is regularly used.  

The luxury island with a HUUM sauna

Saunas built with Estonian design and technology can now be found in almost every corner of the world. 

Dear David Beckham...

Football star David Beckham installed an Estonian sauna at his home in the Cotswolds. We wrote this article to provide some additional advie for him!