Shipping policy

We deliver Estonian sauna design and technology, including HUUM sauna stoves and control systems, to customers across the UK. We're committed to providing only high quality products at fair prices, delivered promptly with minimal hassle. We want to provide as much clarity and transparency as possible about how we do this - and what rights you have if something goes wrong.

So here's our shipping policy. There's no lengthy jargon or small print, just exactly what's helpful to know.

Who we are:

First, a quick overview about us.


This website,, is operated by Estonian Saunas OÜ. We are an Estonian company and our registered address is Tondi 22-4, Tallinn, 11316, Estonia. Our registry code is 12986006 and our VAT code is EE101870812. Adam Rang and Anni Oviir are the only owners and directors. As an Estonian company, a lot of our company data including our finances, taxes, and any court judgments (which we don't have!) are listed publicly. We also have a British subsidiary, Estonian Saunas Ltd, which is registered in England and entirely owned by Estonian Saunas OÜ. Its registered address is Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, UK. Its registry code is 13292808 and its VAT code is GB375652959. The British company was created to make deliveries smoother post-Brexit, which you can read more about here. In most cases, you will be receiving an invoice from the British company, which is responsible for the delivery.

Ok, now the important bit to know when ordering.

Shipping times

Delivery to your address in the UK usually takes 10 working days or roughly two weeks. We monitor deliveries closely each day so we can resolve any potential issues straight away. We don't expect that a delivery would ever take longer than 30 days but if it does, and you no longer want to proceed with the delivery, then we'll promptly refund you.


We deliver high quality products. If they arrive in a substandard quality or with any form of damage, whether that took place during production or during delivery, then we take full responsibility and will immediately rectify the situation, usually by replacing the goods in whole or part.


In addition, there is a manufacturer's warranty of two years for every wood-burning stove, four years for every electric stove, and two years for the UKU sauna control systems. For the warranty to remain valid, electrical items must be installed by someone with the relevant qualifications to do so (which is also just a very good idea!)


The information you submit when making a purchase is just used to create your invoice and complete the delivery. We'll then check back with you once in future to check you are happy with everything, although you can contact us any time of course. Apart from that, we won't use your data for anything else in future or give it to anyone else. To be honest, we much prefer social media to emails so if you want to stay in touch then follow us on FacebookInstagramYoutube, or Twitter. And we'd love to see pictures of your saunas that we can share.


If you'd like to get in touch for any reason, including to check terms and conditions, then email us at and we'll reply as soon as we can.