Saunas have developed a lot over thousands of years. Yet our very best saunas here in Estonia and Finland are still our smoke saunas, which predate both the invention of electric stoves and even the invention of chimneys, yet remain an important part of our culture. The heat is high, yet we can endure longer temperatures while socialising for longer while socialising with family and friends because the air is easy to breathe. In contrast, too many modern saunas around the world have poor air flow quality, which makes them stuffy, lethargic, and a little bit suffocating. In addition, design constraints in smaller saunas (or poorly designed larger ones) often fail to acheive an even heat distribution across the whole body.

Saunum has a solution. Inspired by the smoke saunas that they grew up with, the team at Saunum has developed an innovative and patented sauna climate control system in partnership with Tallinn University of Technology. 

Currently, one of the main problems in modern saunas is simply that the top levels are too hot, while the lower levels are too cold. This, together with a lack of oxygen at head level and steam that both scalds the skin and doesn’t last long, results in an unpleasant, tiring sensation. Saunum's solution mixes steam and cold air from the lower levels, filters it through Himalayan salt crystals and distributes it throughout the room, creating more moisture, a more even temperature, and more oxygen at head level, which all leads to more efficient sweating and a more pleasant experience. This also provides more sauna design flexibility as it eliminates the need for high benches in order for the whole body to sit in an even heat. This makes it suitable for single bench saunas, such as barrel saunas.

Estonian Saunas was an early investor in Saunum to support their development and we are now their distributor in the UK. Saunum technology has already received very positive reviews from sauna enthusiasts across Estonia and Finland where it is in use at some of our best sauna establishments, such as Löyly in Helsinki, and is now available to British sauna enthusiasts too both for homes and spas.


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