Saunum is a revolutionary new type of sauna innovator that has been gathering positive reviews from sauna enthusiasts across Finland and Estonia. They build both sauna climate systems, which either compliment a stove from another manufacturer such as HUUM or are integrated into a Saunum stove, like this one.


They are built here in Tallinn, Estonia where we invested in them and are the first company to export them to the UK. Their focus is on reengineering the sauna experience to provide optimum distribution of heat, steam, and salt ions.


Saunum heaters also enable greater flexibility in sauna room design because their safety distances are incredibly low and also the circulation of air means it is not neccersary to have raised benches. As this is new to the market, feel free to send us photos or plans for your sauna room and we can advise you on how it would be integrated.


This is a sauna heater with an indoor climate device that mixes the steam from upper levels and cold air from the lower levels. The air layers and steam are then mixed inside the device and a smooth air-steam mixture comes out of the device that ensures a more even temperature throughout the sauna room. The device also adds Himalayan salt ions into the air, which have a healthy effect on the skin and respiration system.


By changing the settings, the device allows you to turn a regular sauna into a hot steam home sauna.


It is compatabile with a range of sauna control systems, including from Harvia, but is recommended to be used with HUUM's UKU control system, which we also deliver. 


Saunum Premium is compatable with either 1 phase or 3 phase wiring in UK homes and commercial properties.


All stones are included. We use the highlest quality Olavine Dolerite (or Diabase in US English), which are collected in Finland then rounded and polished. These stones are popular with sauna enthusiasts because they are durable and incredibly dense so store a larger amount of heat energy.

Saunum Premium sauna stove (9 kW) & climate system + all stones

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