Saunum Base S is an indoor climate device for saunas that equalises the heat and steam within your sauna and combines it with salt crystals. It is designed to compliment either a wood or electric sauna stove in order to provide a superior experience and, if desired, eliminate the need for high benches. This S version is integrable behind the wall of your sauna hot room.


The device draws hot air from upper air layers and cooler air from the lower air layers. Inside the device, the air layers and the steam are mixed and a cooled air-steam mixture leaves the device filtered through Himalayan salt balls.

Saunum is a revolutionary new type of sauna innovator that has been gathering positive reviews from sauna enthusiasts across Finland and Estonia, and is now available in the UK.  They build both standalone sauna climate systems and also stoves with the technology integrated. All manufacturing is in Estonia where we invested in them and are the first company to export them to the UK. Feel free to send us photos or plans for your sauna room and we can advise you on how it would be integrated.

Saunum Base S (behind the wall) sauna climate control system

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