The circular ventilation cover allows the sauna user to moderate the airflow and temperature simply and easily. The cover is gently twisted to control the size of the air gap and allows for a high level of precision. Airflow and temperature control are essential in a sauna and being able to regulate this with such ease, without compromising on style and sauna aesthetics is of great benefit to any sauna user.


The ventilation cover comes in two sizes, small and large (this one).

The size for this one is:

Large - Diameter: 170mm outer (faces sauna interior), Internal diameter (inside ventilation hole): 125mm

We are currently out of stock of the smaller size, which is:

Small - Diameter: 145mm outer (faces sauna interior), Internal diameter (inside ventilation hole): 100mm

Ventilation is a crucial facet of sauna engineering. The required amount of ventilation depends on the size and layout of the sauna, as well as the type of heater (wood burning, heat-storing or electric). Typically though at least three ventilation points are required in order to ensure the perfect sauna environment is maintained.


These no bevel ventilation covers are available in two finishes: Aspen and Alder

Sauna Air Ventilation Cover (unbeveled) in aspen - larger size

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