Our recommended sauna builders in Britain & Ireland

We work closely with select sauna builders across the UK that share our passion for helping more people enjoy quality saunas based on authentic sauna building principles.

These partners stock sauna design and technology that we deliver to them so you don't need to order separately from us if you purchase a sauna from them. Here's our recommended sauna builders and how to find out more about them.

Heartwood Saunas

Heartwood Saunas is a luxury sauna builder based in Wales with nine years of experience. They have their own distinctive designs for both electric and wood-fired saunas, as well as cold plunge pools and showers, and can design bespoke saunas too.

It's fair to say that they are one of the highest quality sauna builders, not just in Britain, but the world - and they've been delivering their saunas across Britain and beyond too.

The company has now been building premium saunas for seven years and Oliver has had to both expand his team and upscale his workshop to meet the growing demand for their products.

The Heartwood Saunas workshop is located at the top of a mountain in the middle of the lush Esgair forest, which is part of the Snowdonia National Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty. They use the highest quality materials. When starting construction on a new sauna, the future owner is even invited to walk through the forest with them and select the trees that will be used.

We first wrote an article about them you can read here. More recently, we made this YouTube video while taking a look behind the scenes at their production. One of our favourite saunas they built was for celebrity adventurer Ben Fogle who you can listen to talking about his HUUM sauna stove here.

Learn more about Heartwood Saunas at HeartwoodSaunas.com and contact them at info@heartwoodsaunas.com or +44 (0)7903 116 673.


Skotlanti handcrafts a range of authentic indoor and outdoor saunas in Scotland using mostly alder wood. They are based in Glasgow.

Learn more about Skotlanti at Skotlanti.com and contact them at contact@skotlanti.com or +44 7864 699009

Widewater Sauna

Katie Bracher has been at the forefront of reviving Britain's authentic sauna culture as a founder of the British Sauna Society and a co-founder of Beach Box Spa in Brighton. Widewater Sauna is her sauna building company, which specialises in converting horsebox trailers into excellent saunas. although has also produced a range of special designs based on their customer's needs and with the use of primarily upcycled materials.

Their clients include Brighton & Hove Football Club, which ordered a horesebox sauna with a HUUM stove for their training pitch to help the players revive after a tough workout.

We recently made this YouTube video at Beach Box Spa in Brighton to show the excellent work they are doing to build Britain's sauna culture.

You can learn more about them at widewatersauna.com can contact Katie at katie@widewatersauna.com.

The Cedar Sauna Company

Lewis Jenkinson, the founder of the Cedar Sauna Company, is one Britain's leading experts in sauna construction. His company provides a huge range of quality outdoor saunas in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Learn more about the Cedar Sauna Company at thecedarsaunacompany.co.uk. You can contact them at +44 (0)333 050 7762 or info@thecedarsaunacompany.co.uk.


Designer Charles Longbottom is a sauna enthusiast who has produced a wonderful new contemporary sauna from English oak and based on a fusion of elements from both old smoke saunas and Swiss mountain timber barns. They also produce naturally filtered pool for cooling down next to it.

Learn more about Shokk & Awe at shokkandawe.com. You can contact them at +44 (0)7734 955288 or charles@themarchhare.co.uk.


Bristol-based Ursell has more than three decades of experience designing and building saunas as part of their wider business supporting the wellness sector, primarily in the construction of spas.

They were originally founded in 1988 as BOS Leisure and became Ursell Pools & Wellness in 2019. The business has grown to over 20 highly skilled employees including an internal graphic design and CAD department, in-house bespoke thermal room manufacture, a commercial contracts department, heating and ventilation specialist, and a dedicated service and maintenance department.

Learn more about Ursell at ursell.com. You can contact them at +44 (0)1225 874874 or sales@ursell.com.

Fad Saoil

Fad Saoil have been championing sauna culture across Ireland and challenging perceptions of what makes a good sauna with both their incredible pop-up beach saunas and bespoke sauna builds.

Learn more about Fad Saoil at fadsaoilsaunas.com. You can contact them at +353 (0)86 3542589.

Dale Sauna

Dales Sauna are, coincidentally, located just down the road from us in Harrogate, Britain's greatest spa town (well, we are a little biased). They've got an incredible four decades of experience supporting the fitness, hotel, and spa market (and increasingly home spas) with a wide range of wellness facilities.

Learn more about Dale Sauna at dalesauna.co.uk. You can contact them at info@dalesauna.co.uk or +44 (0)1423 798630.

Sauna Plus

Cheshire-based Sauna Plus is a well established provider or commercial and domestic sauna and spa fascilities for the wellness sector, working primarily with hotels, leisure clubs, and gyms, as well as private homes and building contractors. They work across the UK and have a nationwide service for repairs and maintenance.

Learn more about Sauna Plus at saunaplus.co.uk. You can contact them at info@saunaplus.co.uk or +44 (0)7968986882.