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Estonian Saunas OÜ

Estonia: Tondi 22-4, Tallinn.
Registry code: 12986006

VAT code: EE101870812

Estonian Saunas in the news:

We regularly help journalists and other content producers learn about Estonian sauna culture, history, design, and technology - including by taking them to the sauna here in Estonia! Email us at if you'd like our help or check out recent media coverage below.

Born in the sauna

The sauna is the traditional place of birth in Estonia so we decided to launch our company there too. That generated headlines before we'd even built our business - like here in the Sun, the UK's largest newspaper. 

The SaunAudi

We love documenting weird and wonderful saunas we find, like in this short video about an old Audi that's been converted into a sauna. That quickly went viral and was featured in media reports in Estonia and around the world, including BBC News which interviewed us here. We also helped Reuters with this follow-up video report 

EasyJet in-flight magazine

We were visited at our smoke sauna by a writer for EasyJet's inflight magazine and she wrote a wonderful feature about us, which you can read here (on pages 38 to 42).

Sounds of the Baltic Sea

This was an unusual media inquiry, even by our standards! There were a series of concerts in Germany about the sounds of the Baltic Sea with each song themed around a sound common to our region. One song was based on the sound of birch whipping recorded in our sauna. 

Life in Estonia magazine

The latest edition of Life In Estonia magazine has an overview of why Estonian saunas are becoming more popular around the world through exports and tourism - and the help of a few new celebrity fans.

European Sauna Marathon

Adam has twice reported on Estonia's 'European Sauna Marathon', first in a video report and article for public broadcaster ERR and most recently as an article for Estonian World - for which he was also interviewed by Business Insider.

You can read more about our plans to help more Brits build saunas here in Estonia's top English language online magazine, Estonian World

Netflix & sauna

We'll be featured in an upcoming documentary for Netflix about Estonia's digital development.

The Boston Globe

The sauna is also an opportunity for us to introduce the story of Estonia to more people around the world. Most notably, we took the Boston Globe to the sauna and they wrote a great article about Estonia as the land of saunas, forests, and startups. It even made the front cover of their magazine.

Voting in the sauna

Estonians can do almost anything online from anywhere so we often test this in the sauna! We've voted in the last few elections while having a sauna, which resulted in this viral video and media coverage around the world, including Japanese news! Even the EU Parliament itself made a video about this!

In deutschen nachrichten

We've been featured in German news several times, including on the main evening news show Tagesthemen, as well as Bayern 2 radio (in this fascinating blog and podcast).

Showcasing Estonia

We've been featured in several videos made by Estonia, including for Visit Estonia, our tourist agency, and for the Work in Estonia programme - for whom we've twice hosted saunas at our home for their Career Hunt challenge. 

Tallinn In Your Pocket

Local tourist magazine, Tallinn In Your Pocket, ran a special sauna feature about us and our sauna. You can read their interview with Adam Rang here. 

Outside the sauna

When not having saunas, we also do serious work with our clothes on. Anni is a green building specialist while Adam helped develop Estonia's e-Residency programme and often writes about the need to protect Estonia's business environment such as here and here, as well as the importance of encouraging connections to Estonia. He even pops up in this TL:DR video about Estonia.