Frequently asked questions

  • What is Estonian Saunas OÜ?

  • What is HUUM?

  • How can I trust Estonian Saunas OÜ?

  • What's my guarantee on purchases from Estonian Saunas OÜ?

  • Why is payment by invoice?

  • What will you do with my data?

  • Are electric stoves from Estonia compatible with UK wiring?

  • How do I install my electric stove?

  • Where is Estonian Saunas OÜ based?

  • How will Brexit affect UK deliveries?

  • Can I order wholesale?

  • Aren't saunas Finnish?​

  • How do Estonian saunas differ from Finnish saunas?

  • How can I learn more about sauna culture from an Estonian perspective?

What is Estonian Saunas OÜ?


Our business, Estonian Saunas OÜ, is a limited company based in Estonia. 'OÜ' is our equivalent of 'Ltd'. The directors are Adam Rang and Anni Oviir. We are Estonians who are passionate about sauna culture so our mission is to help Estonia establish itself as both a quality sauna exporter and a fun sauna tourism destination. We do that by working closely with HUUM to export sauna stoves and also create our own saunas with the best of Estonian design and technology. We use our own saunas to host visitors and educate them about Estonia and its sauna culture, although they also serve as showrooms for HUUM products. We also invest in projects that support our mission. As a result, we are shareholders in HUUM too. Our business is registered at Tondi 22-4, which is the location of one of our saunas for visitors.


What is HUUM?

HUUM is the leading provider of sauna stoves in Estonia and have been recognised worldwide for their innovative design and technology. We work closely with them in Estonia and are shareholders, as well as their sole distributor in the UK. You can learn more about HUUM at

How can I trust Estonian Saunas OÜ?

That's a good question. We think it's important that consumers can trust companies online so we actually campaign for greater transparency in business to enable this. Fortunately, Estonia already has one of the world's most transparent business environments, which means that key details about our company are available online from the state and verified by them. That includes everything from who our owners and directors are (Adam and Anni) and where the company actually operates to key financial data, such as how we pay our taxes and whether we are in trouble for anything (we're not). Adam actually played a role in the development of this trusted and transparent business environment in his previous role working for the Estonian government and continues to speak and write on the subject. You can read his recent articles for the Estonian public broadcaster here on the subject of oversight relating to international entrepreneurs and here on the subject of combating money laundering risks.


You might also notice that we blog a lot and take part in a lot of media coverage. That's partly for marketing and partly because it's lots of fun. But we also do it because investing our personal reputations into our business makes it easier for customers to understand that we can be trusted too.

What's my guarantee on purchases from Estonian Saunas?


There is a manufacturer's warranty of two years for every wood-burning stove, four years for every electric stove, and two years for the UKU sauna control systems. Stones don't need a warranty, of course.

Why is payment by invoice through TransferWise?

We find that payment by invoice is preferable to automatically taking money through payment cards for four reasons. Firstly, many of our customers are VAT-registered companies that prefer to receive an invoice with the VAT already removed. Secondly, a sauna stove is quite a significant purchase with lots of considerations so we like to double check with the customer after an order has been placed to ensure that everything will meet their requirements and expectations. Thirdly, the prices in our online shop don't include shipping because we have to calculate that for each customer based on where they are located. We always get them the best deal and don't add any markup. Finally, our web shop host doesn't let Euro-based companies take payments in pounds, but we thought it's important that Brits can always make the payment in pounds. Fortunately, TransferWise is an excellent cross-border payment solution (and also happens to be a British-Estonian company with a HUUM sauna in their London office).


What will you do with my data?


The information you submit when making a purchase is just used to create your invoice and complete the delivery. We'll then check back with you once in future to check you are happy with everything, although you can contact us any time of course. Apart from that, we won't use your data for anything else in future or give it to anyone else.

Are electric stoves from Estonia compatible with UK wiring?

Yes. All HUUM electric stoves up to 9kW are compatible with phase 1 wiring and up to 40A (which is common in UK homes) and all stoves are compatible with phase 3 wiring (which is common in UK commercial premises). If you have any doubt about which wiring you need then check your electricity bill or box, or speak directly to your electricity provider.

How do I install my electric stove?

Always ask a certified electrician to install an electric sauna stove. If they are unfamiliar with this type of installation then we would be happy to provide further advice and technical guidance materials, including by speaking with them directly if that is easiest for you.

Where is Estonian Saunas based?

We are a British-Estonian family business based in both Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, and Harrogate, the spa town in Yorkshire, England. Estonia is our main home though and our company is Estonian.

How will Brexit affect deliveries?

We're committed to helping more people in the UK enjoy their saunas with Estonian design and technology, no matter what the future may bring. Brexit might cause some hassle for us in future, but there's going to be a two year transition first anyway so it won't have any affect in the near future.


Can I order wholesale in the UK?


Absolutely. Get in touch with us at We're interested in developing long term partnerships and helping customers find offline shops too, if that's their preference.

Aren't saunas Finnish?​

The sauna tradition, as most people know it, is rooted in the culture of Finno-Ugric peoples living around the Baltic sea - like the Finns and the Estonians. It's certainly true that no one has done more than the Finns to keep alive the sauna tradition and help more people around the world enjoy it, which is why we use the Finnish word 'sauna' in English to refer to all forms of sweat bathing. There are many different sauna traditions in different cultures around the world so the sauna belongs to the common heritage of all humanity.

How do Estonian saunas differ from Finnish saunas?

We love to argue about whose saunas are hotter, but Estonian and Finnish saunas have evolved in parallel on both sides of our gulf over thousands of years. We like to think that every sauna has its own unique character though. 

How can I learn more about sauna culture from an Estonian perspective?

You can check out our Estonian Saunas blog here or follow Estonian Saunas on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. That's where we document our own adventures and research into Estonian saunas. If you'd like to visit Estonia for yourself then check out our own list of saunas or go to the directory for Visit Estonia, our tourist board.