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An elegant wall-mounted  heater inspired by the purest element in nature, a drop of water.


Download HUUM DROP manual

- Heats 3 to 15 cubic metres

- 55kg of stones (included)

- Phase 1 & 3 wiring

- 4 year warranty

- £395 to £490



A curvaceous free-standing heater that forms the heart of larger saunas. 


Download HUUM HIVE manual

- Heats 6 to 35 cubic metres

- 150/250kg of stones (included)

- Phase 1 & 3 up to 9 kW then phase 3 only above 9 kW

- 4 year warranty

- £700 to £1180



A minimalist slim heater with remarkably small safety distances ideal for cosy compact saunas, especially in apartments.


Download HUUM CLIFF manual

- Heats 3.5 to 17 cubic metres

- 60/75kg of stones (included)

- Phase 1 & 3 wiring up to 9 kW then phase 3 only above 9 kW

- 4 year warranty 

- €560 to £745



A slim, but sturdy heater with remarkably small safety distances for cosy saunas, but with capacity for more stones.

Download HUUM STEEL manual

- Heats up to 10.5 cubic metres

- 60/150kg of stones

- Phase 1 & 3 wiring up to 9 kW then phase 3 only above 9 kW

- 4 year warranty 

- £440 to £680

  • You can pay by card or VAT invoice in our online store. As per post-Brexit rules, we include VAT on all sales to Scotland, England, and Wales, as well as for private customers in Northern Ireland. VAT-registered companies can then claim that back. We do not charge VAT to companies in Northern Ireland paying by invoice.

  • We deliver directly from the factory floor to your door to keep costs low. (We experimented with warehousing and delivery within the UK but it added costs). Delivery time is consistently 2 weeks or 11 working days. We have not been affected by driver shortages but we monitor all deliveries to ensure they progress smoothly. 

  • There are no additional customs fees or import paperwork because you are purchasing from our UK company, which handles all that for you.

  • Your heater purchase from us includes all the stones you will need for it, while the controller must be purchased separately.

  • Need more advice? Check out our HUUM buyer's guide, email us, or say hello on the live chat.