Barrel saunas: A Finnic-Celtic fusion

The sauna, as most people know it today, is rooted in the culture of the proto-Finnic people who later became the Estonians and the Finns. They initially used tent-like structures, much like native Americans still do today for their sweat lodges. Our saunas have changed a lot over thousands of years, although the principles of an authentic sauna remain the same. Rocks are heated in an enclosed but well ventilated space and it is those rocks that heat the room and provide steam when water is periodically splashed on them. The barrel sauna is a novel concept based on the design of a wine barrel, and is understood to have been first developed at the turn of the 20th century by Finnic migrants to the Great Lakes region of North America. They have since become an iconic sauna design globally, particularly up in the European Alps, due to their affordability and efficiency, although it is only in recent years that they have become more common in Estonia and Finland as there is already a widespread practise of building larger sauna cabins here (as well as plenty of space for them). So we asked ourselves, how we can we use Estonian sauna design and technology to produce the best possible barrels saunas?


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Our barrel saunas are made in Estonia, incorporate cutting edge design & technology, and delivered flatpack for easy assembly across the UK.

Tere! That's 'hello' in Estonian.

We're a British-Estonian family business passionate about helping more people enjoy quality saunas. We invest in the best of Estonian sauna design and technology - such as HUUM and Saunum - which we showcase at our own saunas, and export it to saunas around the world.

We keep costs low to support sauna enthusiasts because we have no office, no marketing budget, and we deliver direct. We don't even have a logo! We rely on word of mouth and making our own content (on our phones) about saunas that we build, visit, and deliver to.

Our work has been featured in BBC News, Netflix, The Sun, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, Business Insider,
& more

Developing sauna culture in Britain and Ireland has been most important to us so, since the end of the Brexit transition, we've worked harder to smooth out processes and ensure we can continue to deliver smoothly with no unexpected delays nor extra fees. You can read more about that here.

Thank you for stopping by! Feel free to email us any questions.
Anni & Adam

Our latest news:

- We spoke at TEDxTallinn about the meaning of leil.

- We're organising the World Sauna Race 2022 in Tallinn. Hope to see you there!

- Ben Fogle is the latest British celebrity to receive an Estonian HUUM sauna stove.

- We've spent the summer on a Great British sauna tour. You can find all the episodes here.

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