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UK distributor for HUUM

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Estonian Saunas OÜ

Estonia: Tondi 22-4, Tallinn.
Registry code: 12986006

VAT code: EE101870812

Estonian Saunas is a British-Estonian family business run by sauna explorers, Anni Oviir and Adam Rang.

Anni is a green building expert who grew up in Estonia, immersed in sauna culture, while Adam is an entrepreneur whose family were exiled to the UK during the era of Soviet rule so only discovered the joy of authentic saunas after returning to Estonia and meeting Anni.

When not helping people build saunas, we offer our own  unique sauna experiences for visitors to Estonia and explore other weird and wonderful saunas around Estonia and beyond. We have the only smoke sauna in Tallinn, Rangi Saun, and also use HUUM sauna design and technology ourselves.

We document our adventures and the sauna knowledge we learn along the way on our Estonian Saunas blog, as well as through @EstonianSaunas on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. We've also been featured regularly in international media, including BBC News, BBC Travel Show, the Sun, the Boston Globe, Business Insider, and the EasyJet inflight magazine (that last one was our favourite!)

Our company, Estonian Saunas OÜ, is a limited company registered in Estonia and we primarily work around our saunas in Tallinn.

We are currently in the process of establishing a deeper presence in the UK so that Brits don't have to sweat about Brexit when creating their saunas in future using Estonian design and technology. Our main base in the UK is at Harrogate, a spa town that is famous for the Royal Baths built there by the Victorians.

When not enjoying saunas or helping others enjoy theirs, Anni is passionate about raising environmental standards in construction, including by giving talks on the subject and advising policymakers, while Adam is passionate about using digital technology to improve access to entrepreneurship and transparency in business globally. He previously helped Estonia develop its e-Residency programme and continues to speak out about the value of transparency


As an Estonian company, we are proud that Estonian Saunas OÜ has advanced levels of transparency as key business information is publicly available and verified, including ownership, legal compliance, location of business activity, and financial data.